Our Internet of Things Lab

Telstra Labs is home to Australia’s first publicly-accessible Internet of Things (IoT) Lab, designed to build a community around IoT product design.

It’s an open environment which is recognised by GSMA; a trade body focussed on mobile operators worldwide. The IoT Lab is a safe space. Product developers can test and prototype IoT solutions in controlled radio conditions. This means we can simulate devices moving in and out of coverage. The result? You get to see how your device will perform in a variety of real-world situations without leaving the Lab. It is the first lab of its kind in Australia and includes an open invitation for anyone from anywhere to build and test their ideas in the Open IoT Lab.

The technical stuff

The IoT Lab is home to fully-functional Cat-M1 and NB-IoT radio networks. These enable developers to test their IoT solutions in a safe way and see how they operate on Telstra’s network. It allows them to make better design decisions around battery capacity and antenna configuration. The Lab caters for much more than just connectivity. You can build circuit boards or test electronics, as well as design and 3D-print the enclosure for your device. Prototype every aspect of your IoT solution within the comfort of our IoT Lab.

Sounds great, I want in.

You can request a time to come and use the IoT Lab. For questions or more information, please reach out to iotlab@team.telstra.com