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Our home for technology and innovation

Telstra Labs is a safe environment where we learn by doing, and can test, trial, experiment and explore.

Innovation is how we make things better. It’s how we push technology to be more human, turn big ideas into new realities, and glimpse into what the future could hold.

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Who we are and what we do

Telstra Labs is a safe environment where we learn by doing, and can test, trial, experiment and explore. It’s home to our global startup accelerator. It’s a proven innovation capability. It’s where we dive into emerging technologies like mixed reality and the Internet of Things.

Because at its core, Telstra Labs is the belief that when we bring the right people, processes, and environments together, we can build a connected future so everyone can thrive.

Workstations and equipment in the Telstra Labs IOT Lab
Our Internet of Things Lab

Telstra Labs is home to Australia’s first publicly-accessible Internet of Things (IoT) Lab, designed to build a community around IoT product design. It’s an open environment which is recognised by GSMA; a trade body focussed on mobile operators worldwide.

The IoT Lab is a safe space. Product developers can test and prototype IoT solutions in controlled radio conditions. This means we can simulate devices moving in and out of coverage, transferring between cell connections, and transmitting in noisy environments. The result? You get to see how your device will perform in a variety of real-world situations without leaving the Lab.

It is the first lab of its kind in Australia and includes an open invitation for anyone from anywhere to build and test their ideas in the Open IoT Lab.

Latest news

A green field

24 March 2022

E-I-E-I-O: Why we’re creating a forest using experimental tech

We’ve been walking the talk on climate action for some time now, but that doesn’t mean we can take our foot off the green accelerator. That’s why we’re trialling new technology to plant thousands of native trees in northern NSW as a way to restore the land and store greenhouse gases.

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A man wearing VR goggles visualises galaxies, planets, aircraft, cities...

28 December 2021

Get ready for a big 2022 in tech: our predictions for what’s next

The last two years have made tech trends we once thought pipe dreams a firm reality. Virtual medicine, full time remote work and even jobs without offices are now in vogue. So what’s next? We’ve been gazing into our crystal ball here at Telstra Labs.

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A cyclist holds the Arenberg Telstra 5G bike helmet

7 June 2021

5G is giving cyclists the ability to see around corners

Every single year, around 40 cyclists die on Australian roads. And with more cyclists on the roads than ever, there’s a risk that number could rise as people take to the pedals for potentially the first time. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

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    “We believe that ideas only become great when they are challenged and tested.”

    Ed Catmull