Who we are and what we do

Innovation is how we make things better. It’s how we push technology to be more human, turn big ideas into new realities, and glimpse into what the future could hold. And at times, that can get complicated.

That’s why we’re going to keep this simple.

Telstra Labs is a safe environment where we learn by doing, and can test, trial, experiment and explore. It’s home to our global startup accelerator. It’s a proven innovation capability. It’s where we dive into emerging technologies like mixed reality and the Internet of Things.

Because at its core, Telstra Labs is the belief that when we bring the right people, processes, and environments together, we can build a connected future so everyone can thrive.


Our Internet of Things Lab

Telstra Labs is home to Australia’s first publicly-accessible Internet of Things (IoT) Lab, designed to build a community around IoT product design.

It’s an open environment which is recognised by GSMA; a trade body focussed on mobile operators worldwide.

The IoT Lab is a safe space. Product developers can test and prototype IoT solutions in controlled radio conditions. This means we can simulate devices moving in and out of coverage, transferring between cell connections, and transmitting in noisy environments. The result? You get to see how your device will perform in a variety of real-world situations without leaving the Lab.

It is the first lab of its kind in Australia and includes an open invitation for anyone from anywhere to build and test their ideas in the Open IoT Lab.

muru-D accelerator

muru-D is a startup accelerator backed by Telstra. It empowers ambitious entrepreneurs to solve challenging global problems using technology. 

It’s home to our global startup accelerator. We run six-month programs in Sydney, and with partner programs in Brisbane and Perth. Through financial support, a dedicated working space, education and access to mentors and a global community, founders can scale their business and make a positive impact on the world.

2019 Telstra Innovation Challenge

The Telstra Innovation Challenge is an IoT hackathon started in 2017. Now in our third year, we hosted another successful challenge.

For the 2019 Telstra Innovation Challenge, we worked with different industry partners to design entirely new challenges that tested the imagination and skills of all competing teams. This time around, we teamed up with Linfox as our challenge partner. The 2019 challenge focused on Transport and Logistics, an industry always looking to benefit from new technology and innovation.

Virtual tour

Take a wander through Telstra Labs with our 360° virtual tour. Use Google Cardboard or a similar mobile virtual reality kit and experience the tour using the Matterport VR app. Simply load it up and press the goggle Icon .

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